The Quadruple Helix Strategy for Tourism Development

Hidayat, Hidayat The Quadruple Helix Strategy for Tourism Development. EDUCARE : International Journal For Education Studies, 13 (2).

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: The purpose of this research is to know the potential of tourism as well as implement the Quadruple Helix strategy in developing tourism in Mekar Rahayu Village, so that it can be used as a reference for the government of Mekar Rahayu Village, Margaasih District, Bandung Regency to implement policies in developing tourism in the region. This research uses qualitative descriptive research approach, using secondary data and primary data. Respondents to this study consisted of local government, academics, tourism community, and tourism businesses. The results showed that Academic, government, business, and community as stakeholders of Quadruple Helix strategy play an important role in developing tourism in Mekar Rahayu Village. The results of research and community service from universities in Mekar Rahayu Village have not been followed up with implementation by both the village government and stakeholders related to tourism development in the region. Bandung Regency Government policy related to tourism development in Mekar Rahayu Village is to develop the potential of religious tourism that already exists in the village and become a mainstay tourism potential according to the explanation of Article 18 of Bandung District Regulation No. 4 of 2019 the flagship tourist attraction namely Kampung Mahmud and supporting tourism attraction namely Makom Mahmud. Businesses and capital owners in Mekar Rahayu Village and its surroundings are still not maximal in utilizing the tourism potential in Margaasih District, whereas at least 49 tourist spots in the area can still be maximized by investing more capital and promoting effectively and creating innovations by utilizing the wealth of resources in the region. The role of the surrounding community who have knowledge and experience has not been able to make the existing potential into their fields to increase their income and welfare, they are still shackled by the reason of the incapableness of business capital. So far, awareness to develop and utilize tourist destinations in Mekar Rahayu is only owned by people who are in the location of tourist attractions such as the community in Kampung Mahmud.

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